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Wiktionary project is dedicated to collaborative creation of free and open source dictionaries. Wiktionary very much like well known Wikipedia: it implements the same ideas, uses the same web engine and both of them are part of WikiMedia Project

Wiktionary-Export project targets exporting Wiktionary online dictionaries into files, suitable for popular dictionary standalone viewer (i.e. StarDict)

For now export scripts successfully works with Russian part of Wiktionary (ru.wiktionary.org), and able to export Any-to-Russian dictionaries form it.

If you are interested in participation in this project, feel free to contact me using gitlab account https://gitlab.com/dhyannataraj. If you found some inaccuracy in dictionary entry, just fix it online in wiktionary.org, your changes will be autocratically imported during the next scan.

Source code of export script is available at the git repository at gitlab: https://gitlab.com/dhyannataraj/wiktionary-export

Hope, these dictionaries would be useful for you.
Sincerely yours Nikolay Shaplov